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First World Disney Problems
First World Disney Problems

redheadandlips said: I don’t even have 200 god dammit. What is this site even!?

We just hit 4,000 followers HOORAY!

getting your picture taken at Memento Mori

my face with pretty much every joke on Monsters Inc Laugh Floor

What do you think of the rabbid fangirls in the pandom ?

they are super obnoxious and and need to get over it tbh

I work at Mickey and Minnie's house almost every week, and there are no alarms that go off. You could go out an emergency exit and nothing will happen :)

welp there’s that

where-trouble-melts said: Yeah. It was in 2010. I forgot what I hit or touched but I ran away so fast. It does the same thing at Disney World too. It’s a scary alarm.

well mickeys house has since been demolished at disney world :p

Hey! The rope alarm the other person was talking about is solely at mickey and Minnie's house. They have all that stuff on display and there are ropes blocking people from touching anything and if you pass it then the alarm does go off. But that's the only place where I know of it.

ah ok thanks

well then i wouldnt call that termed. more like let got

basically.  it happens very often at disney, i know of a cinderella who got disapproved and quit here at walt disney world, its a fact of life, at some point, you will no longer look like the young innocent face characters, and you need to be prepared for the future…

Why was andrew termmed? and how do u know

He was termed simply because he was getting a little too old for the role and too popular and well known online for being peter…..to be honest it was more a voluntary termination because he was disapproved as peter so he quit, he would have had to be fur only, and i know because i know.