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First World Disney Problems
First World Disney Problems
Halloween Horror Nights

so for anyone curious about how it was, I really enjoyed the Silent Hill house, i am an avid fan so I found a few mistakes, overall it was really good…although I didn’t find it to be actually scary.  The cool thing about it was they had the smell of burning from the ash that falls from the sky and it was really awesome to have a smell to connect with Silent Hill.  I was able to go into every house except ‘Dead End’ only because it closed early for some reason.  The Walking Dead house was very disappointing, I thought the moving scare zones were really bad.  The Alice Cooper house has a stripper so who doesn’t love a skanky lady?  The women in the Penn and Teller house have 3 boobies…..ha…In my opinion, last year was better, but this year has more recognizable names and characters….They have Silent Hill merchandise….how often does that happen?  hardly ever.

Silent Hill

going tonight!